2017 Pro Am Shooting National Championship Logo


8 total par time stages and 1 tie-breaker stage. Bring your A-game.


The National Championship match will be held July 28-30, 2017.


Over 300 pieces of steel. Bring ammo accordingly. Then double it. 😉


Match Fee


Amateurs who wish to compete for cash payout bonuses must shoot in BOTH Open and Limited Divisions.

Open and Limited shooters, don’t get in a pickle thinking that PCC will intrude in the match. It’s an entirely separate scoring system so consider it a different match! Read more in the rule book.

Pro Am is shot in half-day format, so a shooter can register to shoot up to 3 divisions.

You qualify as a “Pro” if you:

  • Placed top 10 in a National level match
  • Won a previous Pro Am match

If you qualify as a Pro in one division, if you want to shoot a 2nd, you must shoot Pro as well.



  • Open
  • Limited

1st Gun/Division $250

2nd Gun/Division: $200



  • Open
  • Limited

1st Gun/Division $200

2nd Gun/Division: $150



Pros and Ams may shoot PCC (different scoring).

As Only Gun $200

As 2nd Gun: $150
As 3rd Gun: $125

  • Of all the shooting disciplines I’ve tried in my career I have to say ProAm style shooting is the most fun. I definitely feel its the most spectator friendly as well. Glad to see that it’s coming back and who’s bringing it.

    Bob Vogel World Champion Shooter

  • I’m excited to see the Pro-Am coming back to its full form. In years past, it’s typically my favorite match to shoot. The format is extremely fun and there is a lot of strategy behind it. The par times keep the competitors close making it a fun spectator sports as well.

    Max Michel World Champion Shooter

  • This is one of the best formats in shooting sports. Everyone likes knock down steel. It's fun for the shooters and spectators. Excited to see it coming back.

    Dave Sevigny World Champion Shooter

Did we mention we'll have an awesome prize table?
We're excited to bring back the Pro Am prize table you knew and loved.

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