Meet the Owners

Matt Mitchell

CEO, Co-Owner

Matt Mitchell is the CEO and Co-Owner of Pro Am Shooting. He’s the man of the match. The brains behind the comeback. He’s been organizing and managing minor and major matches for over 5 years and has been involved with the shooting sports for nearly 10 years. Matt competes in different disciplines including USPSA, Steel Challenge and of course Pro Am Shooting. Matt’s first Pro Am match was 7 years ago where he fell in love with the format and the challenge of shooting all steel with par times. After his first match he was hooked, so when the opportunity came to take over Pro Am, Matt jumped forward with both feet.
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Ali Ferris

President, Co-Owner

Ali is the president and Co-Owner of Pro Am Shooting. She’s the behind-the-scenes tech beast. All the web, registrations, graphics, email, and social media shenanigans you see is her zone. Ali’s a law school dropout who has been working in the shooting industry for 5 years and shooting matches for about that long too. Beware of her sweet B class shooting skills. 😉 When Ali’s not making marketing materials and running the web and social media for the Pro Am or other clients, she’s selling guns, playing with her spiders, or shooting at a match. Why are you still reading when you should be checking out the Pro Am.
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Team Pro Am Shooting

Yancie Brannen

Art Jensen

Will Jensen

Eric Ferris

Jimmy Owens

Shane Bethea

Danny Engle