READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE REGISTRATION PAGE BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THE FORM (Yes we know it’s wordy, but it’s all important, we swear!)

Your pin # is sent to you via email (please check spam!) within a few minutes of registration. Within 24 hours you will be invoiced. AOL emails tend to filter our auto emails, so if you have one, please use an email handle like gmail instead. If you use AOL you may have to contact us for your PIN.


Already registered but looking for squadding? (If you need your PIN, it was emailed to you or you can send us an email at if it did not get to you).

BREAKDOWN – 331 Guns Registered (as of 6/24)

Amateur Limited - 46%
Amateur Open - 36%
PCC - 14%
Pro Limited - 2%
Pro Open - 2%